Video Game Room

Video games, virtual reality and augmented reality have incredible potential to transform the hospital environment.

Play-Place is committed to enhancing the client experience and encouraging socialization through creative use of gaming and a wide range of emerging technology platforms.

Gaming and VR offer a number of benefits to our summer campers, members & walk-ins, including:

  • Encouraging fine motor movement, problem solving and critical thinking
  • Facilitating cooperative game play to encourage socialization and normalization
  • Reducing isolation from friends and family hospital through gaming on and offline.

Our digital endeavors are constantly evolving with technology and participant feedback.

Select current initiatives include:

  • In-room gaming: Most patient rooms in the hospital are equipped with Xbox 360 systems. 
  • Volunteer gamers and game developers: Volunteers play games with patients and help them build their own games, ranging from simple games that can be created in an hour to complex games that are designed and built over multiple sessions.
  • Lego and robotics – Our staff uses customized Lego robotics kits to help keep patients’ minds busy during hospital stays, while teaching basic coding and educational skills.

Oculus Quest 2 (4 needed)

NIntendo Switch (3 needed)

PlayStation 5 (2 needed)

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