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Autism Awareness Raffle - Join Our Effort To Cross The Finish Line!

The past 3 years, over $30,000 has been raised for children affected by autism via our Autism Awareness Raffle.


How did we do it? We asked dozens of people like you to sell 10 tickets at a time, at your leisure.


We are inspired by our families every single day. Families affected by autism, and special needs in general, wake up every single day prepared to be superheroes. These kids are the sweetest children you will ever meet. But that doesn't stop bullies or unintentional misunderstandings -- not only their peers, but adults too. Play-Place for Autistic Children is the answer to the question "where can children affected by autism and other special needs go to feel safe, included, and amongst their peers?"


The children need this Movie Theatre! It is being donated 90% by generous labor unions and construction companies. But we need your help to steam across the finish line.


Can we count on you to sell raffle tickets? Each book is 10 tickets. Sell to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors. Anyone willing to help the Play-Place cause (and anyone willing to win incredible prizes!) is someone to ask for a raffle ticket!


You have until June 26 to return ticket money and any unsold tickets to us.


**You DO NOT have to front us the money for tickets you are selling! Simply return the tickets and money to us when you are done.


Help us by completing this form now:



(Each book contains 10 tickets.)
(So we can mail your tickets.)