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Our Facility

Hours of operation:
Monday 10am-6pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
Walk-In Admission
$7 per child/dependent
$3 per adult/caregiver
Background checks are run on all adults who enter Play-Place. Please bring your photo I.D.
The goal of Play-Place for Autistic Children's 25,000 square foot cutting-edge facility is to provide comprehensive services, educational opportunities, numerous therapies, coaching and feedback, and life/work experiences that will work with each individual’s identified strengths and maximize their potential for growth and development, independence, self-esteem and improve their quality of life.

Play-Place is a nut-free facility. Please do not bring any nuts, including peanuts, into Play-Place.


Mondays and Fridays are drop-in tour days for adults and caregivers. If you are curious to see the facility before you bring your affected child, stop by any Monday or Friday during our hours of operation (above)!


Computer Cafe
Our state of the art computer room features Apple iPads (used in most ASD classrooms) with easy touch-and-swipe screens equipped with specially designed applications to assist with language and communication, educational curriculum, fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination, sequencing, artistic expression and more. Play-Place's Computer Café also highlights a 70" Promethean Active Panel to assist with educational skills, social development, time management and money management.
Creative Art Studio
Play-Place’s adaptive “Art of Autism” program provides opportunities to participate in life-enhancing activities in the arts. Our program celebrates each person's unique abilities, cultivates creative expression, builds peer relationships and enhances self-esteem. Crayons, markers, pencils, paint brushes, play-doh and clay not only help build fine motor skills but also challenge the imagination, stimulate speech, encourage interactive play and social interaction with peers. With the addition of scents, textures, shapes and materials, Play-Place’s cutting-edge art program adds interest and sensory experience, all in a creative context. What’s more, art creation is a right brain activity, offering healing benefits of self-awareness, conflict resolution and development of interpersonal skills, which stimulates the production of endorphins - the body's own natural healers.
WorkPlus Program - Play-Place features employment opportunities focused on individual strengths and talents with well-defined goals in a sheltered and secure capacity. The positions will include retail, food service, greeters, stock assistants, maintenance, program attendants, and office duties.
 For just $1 per ride, Play-Place's featured carousel not only offers sensory integration and vestibular assistance, but adds LOTS of smiles and celebration to the Play-Place experience.
Lego Castle
True to its name, Lego pieces allow for an astonishing range of creative play opportunities. Beyond the fun factor, for younger children, the brightly colored pieces and easily interlocking combinations provide hours of patterning practice and fine-motor development. Looking for just the right piece strengthens sorting skills, a key part of the kindergarten math curriculum. And for all kids, Lego teaches how to think in three dimensions-- a precursor to physics. Children of all ages also hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork through Lego play.
Inspiration Hall
Play-Place offers facility rental for birthday parties, special events and occasions.
Laser Light Chalk Room
This black-lit activity room encourages writing skills, artistic talents and imagination. In addition, the laser light element offers sensory and visual stimulation as well as fantasy play to activate our affected individual's imagination.
Calming Rooms
 Quiet, private areas for comfort, consoling and calming. Play-Place's calming centers are designated for the management of meltdowns.
Enrichment Classes - Classes will return 2018. Stay tuned for more information.
Programming - Weekly programming includes "Teen Nights" on Tuesday's 
Swing Central
 What child doesn’t enjoy swinging? Children with autism are no exception! Swinging is a fun and stimulating exercise. Play-Place's Swing Central hosts two swings, including: a Cuddle swing (image) (for deep pressure sensation, vestibular assistance, calming and focus results), and a Platform swing (image) (for posture preparation, maintaining balance, proper use of vision, calming and regulating behavior). In the future, Play-Place will host a cradle-back swing with safety strap (for upper body support for those who cannot hold themselves up on the regular Strap Swing for long periods of time) and 2 conventional strap swings.

Parent Bistro

For those families seeking that “me-too” conversation with someone who understands and can truly relate to the everyday challenges of autism, yet another highlight of the facility is the Bistro Connection. We currently have a partnership with Jet's Pizza - order from Play-Place to get our special pricing, and have it delivered directly to our Bistro!


Parent Resource Nights - Play-Place will offer resource management workshops for parents, wherein professionals serving children and families affected by autism will present a plethora of autism support services from chiropractic effects on autism, special needs trusts, autism dental specialists, independent living sources, etc. Click here to see our current Parent Resource Nights listings.


Haircut Hut

Haircut Hut offers kid-friendly salon services featuring haircuts by professionally licensed sylists, themed stylist chairs, and TV or movie selections. Our patient and friendly hair stylist works to make the haircut experience as easy as possible. We schedule hour-long haircuts in order to accommodate meltdowns or panic attacks. For pricing and availability, give us a call at 586-254-6533.


CBI programming -  Play-Place's CBI (Community-Based Instruction) education curriculum (multifaceted lesson plans directed towards local area schools) is a premier attraction and education/therapeutic source for educators and therapists seeking life skill development and classroom reinforcement through scheduled visits.  Through music, art and science with a variety of life skills embedded within, Play-Place has 9 specialized & comprehensive curriculum plans, including time management, money skills, music and movement therapy, safety, hygiene, and courtesy and manners.


Cinema City 

Play-Place's state-of-the-art, 48 seat movie theater will offer film shorts as well as feature films in a relaxed environment. Our autism friendly viewings will have reduced sound and increased light level movies designed to promote a soothing and focus-filled experience.


Coming Soon (full expansion): Bistro Connection Full-Service Meals - Patrons will be able to enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee and a bite to eat, share therapy ideas and experiences, or simply exhale from the exhausting effects of autism. A comfortable, clean, welcoming space for renewal and resilience; to socialize and share; and to make friends and fellowship with free Wi-Fi, and full dinner menus with specialty diet options (i.e. gluten-free, dairy-free, dye-free) to pamper our Play-Place families.