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Your heroic gift fuels inclusion, acceptance, and support of these vulnerable children.


Only with your help will these children be done with the days of ridicule and bullying.

โœ” Your $5 gift buys a school-aged child a field trip to Play-Place.

โœ” Your $50 gift gives a child and their family access to Play-Place for an entire month.

โœ” Donate any amount today to change children's lives!

Other Ways To Help

Adopt A Carousel Horse
Engrave A Movie Theatre Seat
Etch Your Name Into Our Hearts
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Major Gifts and Naming Opportunities

12x12 Wall Tile

Black or Ivory on Marble



8x8 Wall Tile

Black or Ivory on Marble






4x8 Wall Tile

Black or Ivory on Marble


Help Build Lives One Brick At a Time

Promise Sponsorship
Gift of Goodness
Almsgiver Advocate
Gesture of Love
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