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The Best Has Yet To Come

by Shell Jones

I’m writing to extend a courtesy update for those of you who have been keeping up with PAC’s progress, and our diligent search to find a  permanent home. Because of the unique nature of our center, we are challenged with finding a place that accommodates our special design, space requirements, location convenience and budget. As you can imagine, this isn’t the world’s easiest real-estate transaction! Thankfully, we have a very experienced, dedicated and real-estate savvy broker which I have the utmost confidence to help find PAC’s haven of hope.

Event Wrap-up: Three Amazing Autism Events

With the warm weather turning cold and fall slowly turning to winter, everyone here at PAC has been re-energized by the success of the last few events we’ve had the pleasure of putting on in the community. All of our PAC events are family friendly, inclusive good times, with lots to do for the kids and mom and dad as well. We do our best to make these events the best they can be, but it’s the amazing families that attend that make these truly special events.


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