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Field Trips/CBIs

CBI Programming
Done are the days when special education students and schools are made to feel unwelcome while out on a field trip.
Play-Place's CBI (Community Based Instruction) education curriculum reinforces lessons learned at school, or teaches brand new ones!
We have developed an extensive curriculum for local schools and group homes to qualify Play-Place as a destination for their CBI Field Trips.
We offer a choice of 24 structured classes and activities including life skills, social skills, physical fitness, art, and much more.
Our curriculum adjusts based on any age, special needs, or cognitive level. Our youngest field trips have been preschool; our oldest have been senior citizens!
Teachers and group home directors are raving about their field trips to Play-Place! We have scheduled trips to Play-Place daily, and are available to book your CBI Field Trip any weekday.
We just opened on August 1, but we have already impacted well over 1700 children, young adults and adults in the short few months we have been open.
Our center creates change within affected individuals that multiplies over and over through the years.
The impact is monumental and life changing.
Through music, art and science with a variety of life skills embedded within, Play-Place has 9 specialized and comprehensive curriculum plans, including time management, money skills, music and movement therapy, courtesy, and manners.
Our special rates for CBIs and field trips are as follows:
Children/dependents: $5
Adults/caregivers: free.
To book a field trip or CBI, or to learn more information, please contact us at 586-254-6533 or email cbi@autisticplayplace.org.